Orup Bara 26-27/4

Welcome to Orup Bara. That's good.

Orup Bara - his guitar, grand piano and songbook as his only companion.

What are the driving forces that make an artist want to expose themselves completely and stand alone on stage, without any grand set design or accompanying musicians to back them up? Is it a fascination with the unexplored, extreme exhibitionism or even self-torture? No one knows for sure. But one thing is certain, it's exactly what one of the biggest pop phenomena of our time, Orup, intends to do. That is, to plunge into the unknown towards an outcome that will either be a success or an insignificant fart in space. So expect an intimate, personal and stripped-down performance with just Orup - his guitars, grand piano and songwriting, plus the occasional anecdote.
Welcome to Orup Bara. That's right. Ticket.

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Orup Bara
on at the Rival in spring 2024.
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Production company Krall Entertainment
Showtime evenings 19.30, matinee 15.00
Length 100 minutes, no intermission
Age limit 18 years. In the company of a guardian 13 years.
Staffed cloakroom, swish or card.
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