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About the Cocktail Bar
The Rival Hotel's art deco-inspired Cocktail bar was built back in 1937. Over the years we've naturally updated the décor, the top shelf of the bar and much more. But parts of the original interior remain intact, characterizing the cocktail bar and giving it its classic setting. Plush dark red velvet sofas, mirrors and silver pillars. Classic bar with a great vibe.

The cocktail bar's menu offers both classics and new, food and drinks. Great music flows out, guests stream to and from. The cocktail bar is a front row seat for everyone.

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Orup Bara - a success

Orup Bara is here to stay. Well, the whole spring actually. Book your ticket now!

Queens 13/3

A grand and acclaimed show featuring the greatest hits of Queen! This is the next level, this is QUEENS!

Hotel bed in Stockholm

Book hotel rooms – gilt-edged every time!

Hotel bed in Stockholm

Golden edge with food and drink, pillow menu and long breakfast hours...

the Tavern

the Tavern tempt you with fried oysters, Croque Monsieur, Boeuf Bourguignon, kale salad and so much more.

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