"My name is Agneta" 17-20/11

Premiere on September 26

Successful novel "Je m'appelle Agneta" by Emma Hamberg becomes theater

Step into Emma Hamberg's fantastic universe when the successful novel becomes theater. A liberating and inspiring performance about the female body, friendship, culture clashes, affirming life, the freedom to be yourself and do what you want!

When Emma Hamberg's novel "Je m'appelle Agneta" was published in 2021, it was a success. The story of a woman who breaks free from the dull shackles of everyday life and begins to enjoy life contains both longing and recognition. The book has been loved by readers and sold over 350 000 copies. This fall, the immensely popular "Je m'appelle Agneta" will be on stage! All play dates here.

- It is so beautiful that Sweden's most invisible woman can take the stage. This performance is Agneta's, and nothing stands in her way. Together with the best Anna Blomberg, she will find colors, spread her wings and live life to the fullest. I can hardly wait, says author Emma Hamberg. Listen to Emma here 

Now that the highly acclaimed book is being turned into theater, the female perspective is in focus. Lead actors Anna Blomberg and Dag Malmberg meet on stage as Agneta and Einar. The script is written by Marie Persson Hedenius and Anna Granath directs an almost entirely female production. "Je m'appelle Agneta" premieres on September 26 at Rival in Stockholm - buy a ticket here.
A warm welcome!

A stage version based on the hit novel "Je m'appelle Agneta" by Emma Hamberg.
Director Anna Granath, manus Marie Persson Hedenius, produced by Lifeline
In the roles Agneta: Anna Blomberg, Einar: Dag Malmberg

A full evening at Rival with chèvre and theater!
Once the ticket is purchased, we suggest a next step - food and drink before the show or in the interval. (Food and drinks are not included in the ticket.) Emma Hamberg's wonderful cookbook "Au Pif" has so many tempting recipes and some of these will the Rival's Head chef Robin Gesang-Gottowt be cooking in the fall of 2024.
Armand's Gratinated Chèvre with Pancetta
A delightful creation for one, two or more to share. Pancetta is Italian cured and air-dried pork. When the chèvre is gratinated and the mascarpone, honey and cream have been spread over the cheese , sprinkle with diced Pancetta and top with parsley and black pepper.

Watch the video as Robin puts the finishing touches on this wonderfully tasty dish.

Book a table to have a guaranteed seat to enjoy "Armand's gratinated chèvre with Pancetta". Food and drinks are not included in the ticket price. The evening performances start at 19.30, the cloakroom opens at 17.30 - you have plenty of time to unwind, relax and have a bite to eat before "Je m´appelle Agneta" starts. Book a table in RivalsBistro or in the Tavern. Watson's Bar will also serve "Armand" and cheese tray.

Remember to always buy your tickets via the link provided by the production company. Never buy your tickets through an intermediary!

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