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Welcome to the Rival's Bistro, balcony and Bistro bars! The kitchen tempts with the best from the seasonal pantry and we find both mushrooms, vendace roe and several wonderful cuts on the menu. Of course, we also keep our "Rival classics" - Skagen, Råbiff and Fiskgryta - which are appreciated by many guests and a "Plat du jour" to complement the regular menu.
The Rival's Bistro open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday - book a table here. Chef Robin Gesang and his chefs have developed a Bistro Menu offering a range of seasonal dishes. While we love to mix things up a bit, we're also convinced that there's a reason why beloved classics remain popular year after year.

Book a table here or via the maître d' on 08-545 789 15. Watson's Bar and the Tavern is always open seven days and evenings a week - read more here !

Tuesday-Thursday 17-23
Friday-Saturday 17-24
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Head Chef
08-545 789 15
08-545 789 45

Food & Beverage Manager
08-545 789 17

Head chef Robin Gesang-Gottowt
08-545 789 28

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Orup Bara - a success

Orup Bara is here to stay. Well, the whole spring actually. Book your ticket now!

Queens 13/3

A grand and acclaimed show featuring the greatest hits of Queen! This is the next level, this is QUEENS!

Hotel bed in Stockholm

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Hotel bed in Stockholm

Golden edge with food and drink, pillow menu and long breakfast hours...

the Tavern

the Tavern tempt you with fried oysters, Croque Monsieur, Boeuf Bourguignon, kale salad and so much more.

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