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Stockholm 1 November 2023

The police have today issued information on the bag ban at major events.
Read the full press release here.

In short, we can announce that this bag ban does not apply to concerts, theater or other events in the theatre at Rival. After talks with the Södermalm police on November 1, 2023, the events at Rival do not fall within the framework of what is stated in the press release. The police also announce that if anything changes, they will personally contact the respective arena/theater.

New in 2023! Two steps down from the entrance is our brand new cloakroom, always manned during shows and concerts. You pay by swish or card.
The cloakroom opens 2 hours before the evening performance or one hour before matinee performances.

We have also built eight new guest toilets next to the cloakroom. In addition, both our restrooms in lower Watson and in the Cocktail Bar will be completely renovated in summer 2023.
In total there are 21 toilets and one toilet (on the ground floor) for guests with disabilities.

No. Rival has no access to tickets or ticketing systems.
We don't sell tickets and we can't help change tickets.

We hope this guide will be helpful when you have questions about tickets to performances. We can't help even if you call the Rival's change or contact any individual at Rival.

Always turn to the ticket company, they have very good information on their websites as well as correct referrals. Information can be found on the ticket. We stress the importance of you always buying tickets through the ticketing company that the production company has hired.

Have you lost your ticket? Can't find it on your phone? Got sick? Read more in this guide.

Availability (click here for all)


The elevator from the main floor goes down to theatre parquet. The elevator also goes to the Cocktail Bar, Bistro and Bistro Balcony. The elevator has automatic door opening. RWC on the ground floor. Contact Rival 08-545 789 00 for immediate assistance.

Show and lectures
Seating is available on the Parquet for guests with disabilities.Salon plan here. When purchasing tickets for shows and concerts, you are responsible for contacting the ticket office to obtain such a seat for you and an accompanying person. Pre-booking is always required.

You will receive an SMS/email from the ticketing company if a performance is canceled/postponed. You can also visit the website of each production company to find information.
Click here to find information about which production company is the organizer of each performance.

How do I find the right ticket company for the right show?
Go here and find the show you have bought tickets for. Click on either "ticket" or "info".

Only the ticketing company can help you. Each ticketing company has its own terms and conditions, which you approved when purchasing the ticket.  Find the right ticketing company here

This question can only be answered by the ticketing company. The ticketing company has rules for this and you will be informed of these rules when you buy your ticket. Find the right ticketing company here.

Only the ticketing company can help you. Each ticketing company has its own terms and conditions, which you approved when purchasing the ticket. Find the right ticketing company here.

If there are no tickets available on the ticketing site chosen by the organizer, we advise you not to buy second-hand tickets from any other site.
It varies whether production companies sell 'unclaimed or returned tickets' on Rival before a performance. The only way to find out is to come to Rival one hour before the performance.

How nice! As a ticket holder, you can book a hotel room at a discounted rate ( ticket holder's price). Click here to read more.

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