Måns Möller 28-29/9

A brand new solo performance

The versatile and adventurous comedian, makes a long-awaited return to the spotlight with a new solo show "My Perfect Life" - stand-up about autism, back taxes and the world's longest 40-year crisis!

The new show promises to offer a unique and humorous insight into Måns' world, full of laughter and unexpected moments.

Måns has previously impressed with his phenomenal stage performances in the hits "History of Sweden" and "History of the World", but he has equally conquered Swedish hearts with his passionate commitment to the Viggo Foundation, an organization that aims to support the right to movement and development of children with autism.

- "I found my perfect life through Viggo's motto - it's fun to be happy. "My Perfect Life" is a tribute to the joy and satisfaction that can be found in everyday life." says Måns Möller. Tickets.

Remember to always buy your tickets via the link provided by the production company. Never buy your tickets through an intermediary!

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