11.30-23.00 every day


Welcome to Tavernan's outdoor terrace - cold drinks, always an updated menu, table service and shade under the awning for those who wish. Always open 11.30-23.00

The tavernisfour rooms on the street level and a mezzanine - five characters, a meeting place with coffee-food-wine and social meeting areas in focus. At the Tavern you can get a quick espresso and a croissant or a hot toasted Croque Monsieur. Lunch or dinner. Large selection of lovely wines such as a crisp Sancerre to Pinot Noir, a sassy Nebbiolo and some lively Tempranillos. Foaming lagers and Pale Ale on tap. And all the coffees you could wish for. Read the full menu here
Tavernan's new menu is filled with Scandinavian goodies, a touch of Mediterranean breeze topped with some French touches. Tavernan's Toast with shrimp, avocado, hot smoked salmon, trout roe - served on buttered Rival baked caviar. Book a table at the Tavern!
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