the Tavern when it should be good, folksy and cosy! Food, drink and café.

Tavernan's new menu is filled with cosy Scandinavian autumn, sunny Italian late summer and a touch of Mediterranean breeze...The Tavern's Pasta Panzerotti filled with porcini and cream cheese, Jungfrus salad, breaded pork schnitzel, Crouque Moniseur - and much much more. Full menu

Toast with shrimps, avocado, hot smoked salmon, trout roe - served on butter fried kavring. Please book a table here

The Tavern consists of four rooms on the ground floor and a mezzanine - five characters. The Tavern is a meeting place with coffee, food and wine and social meeting areas in focus. At the Tavern you get a quick espresso and a croissant or a hot toasted Croque Monsieur. Lunch or dinner. Great selection of lovely wines such as a crisp Sancerre with Pinot Noir, a cheeky Nebbiolo and some lively Tempranillos. Foamy lagers and Pale Ale on tap. And all the coffees you could wish for. Read the full menu here
Open Sun-Thurs 11.30-21.00, Fri-Sat 11.30-22.00.
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