Show package at Rival with best parquet tickets

At the boutique hotel Rival in Stockholm you will find a number of different customized show packages and hotel packages at affordable prices.
We are now selling "Show Package Orup Bara" for spring 2024.
SOLD OUT - the show packages for Bo Kaspers Orkester in the fall of 2023.

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Show packages from 2.595 kr/person with the best parquet tickets!
Friday 19 January at 19.30 CLOSED
Saturday, January 20 at 19.30 CLOSED
Friday 26 January at 19.30 hrs SOLD OUT
Saturday, January 27, 19.30 hrs SOLD OUT
Friday, February 2 at 19.30 CLOSING TIME
Saturday, February 3 at 19.30 CET
Friday, February 9 at 19.30
Saturday, February 10 at 19.30 SOLD OUT
Friday, February 16 at 19.30
Saturday, February 17 at 19.30 SOLD OUT
Friday, March 1 at 19.30
Saturday, March 2 at 19.30 SOLD OUT
Friday, March 8 at 19.30 CET
Saturday, March 9 at 19.30 CET
Friday, March 15 at 19.30
Saturday, March 16 at 19.30 PM SPEECH
Friday, March 22 at 19.30
Saturday, March 23 at 19.30 CLOSED

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Show packages from 2.275 kr/person with best parquet tickets!
Friday, October 13 at 19.30 SHOW PACKAGES SOLD OUT
Saturday, October 14 at 20.00 SHOW PACKAGES SOLD OUT
Friday, November 10 at 19.30 SHOWPAKET SOLD OUT
Saturday, November 11 at 20.00SHOWPAKET SOLD OUT
Friday December 1 at 19.30 SHOWPAKET SOLD OUT
Saturday 2 December at 19.30 SHOWPAKET SOLD OUT
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