When things are really important, then Maria & Lounge is the obvious choice.

A meeting room where décor and harmony come together with the most beautiful Eames chairs and the latest technology.

Technology in Maria:
Konftel 55W conference phone, webcam for video conferencing, table wells and wall panels for HDMI, USB, VGA, wireless charging in tables, 75″ Led TV, up to 60Mbit Wifi, fixed broadband and several sections with writing boards.

Right outside the Maria meeting room is the Lounge where we serve conference coffee and refreshments. Up to 60 Mbit WiFi. In the Lounge, you can either take a break from the meeting or continue, in a more informal setting.

In the lounge there is a 65″ Led TV with 16 channels, recessed charging stations with USB, up to 60 Mbit WiFi. Sit back and relax in Jonas Bohlin's award-winning Chester armchair or in the Marco Dessi sofa. The lounge also has a closet. The lounge is exclusively for guests who hire Maria.

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