History of the World Feb-March

The success continues in spring 2021

Sweden's funniest history lesson has now become the "world's" funniest! Sweden's most dynamic and entertaining comedian duo Özz Nûjen and Måns Möller offer us a journey back in time.

Sweden's funniest history lesson with Özz Nûjen and Måns Möller has now become "the world's" funniest!

Sweden's most dynamic and entertaining comedian duo Özz Nûjen and Måns Möller offer us a new journey back in time. After nearly 85,000 people made their pilgrimage to concert halls and theatres through our elongated country to laugh their way through "Sweden's History – the naked truth" özz Nûjen and Måns Möller with the performance "History of the World – the unvarnished the truth"!

Welcome to a 90-minute stand up comedy show, where you will both laugh your head off and learn a lot about the history of mankind, and maybe even a bit about yourself. Listen to expected and unexpected stories about us and our world. For example, for the first time in world history, why are more people dying of obesity than of starvation?

"The world as we know it is gone and to understand where we are headed, we have to stop and look back." – Özz Nujen

"I've been thinking about how difficult it must have been to work as a SYO consultant at that time people could only choose between being a hunter or a collector?" – Måns Möller

Using their unique, clever and popular humor and dialogue as a tool, Måns and Özz bring the audience on a journey through our world history, reflecting on things like:

Who was and is the most powerful woman of all time? Elisabeth I, Margaret Thatcher or Cleopatra?

How did the very first taste test of mushrooms in the forest go, when we were trying to figure out what to eat and what not to eat?  – "I'm trying this yellow trumpet-like thing, and you can try that pretty red one with white dots!"
What's the most important invention in the history of mankind, the steam engine, the wheel, or the Fidget Spinner?


History of the World Extra performance
12-13/2, 18-20/3, 25-27/3
90 minutes, no intermission
Production company www.lifeline.se
Buy tickets only via established channels specified by the production company.
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Staffed wardrobe, swish or card payment.

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