Mia Törnblom 22/4 at 18

A unique inspirational performance with Mia Törnblom where she in an engaging, wise, generous and touching way inspires the power of taking control of what we can influence in our lives.

Using humor, generosity and concrete methods, Mia shows you how to train your mental and emotional strength, gain more energy and become confident in yourself. Insightful and courageous, she talks about the importance of seeing vulnerability as strength, what strength really means and how we can be free from unhealthy shame, fear and self-criticism.

She generously shares how we can reconcile with our past, become more courageous, set boundaries when we need to and see our own part and impact in relationships, situations and conflicts. In this performance she wants to inspire you to let go of all facades, become more honest and dare to show vulnerability in order to have an even richer life, filled with love, energy, hope and creativity. Tickets for the show

With a huge talent for storytelling and recognition, Mia shows the power of influence we have over our choices, our relationships, our health and our future. Regardless of what has happened in the past, it is we ourselves who have the power over how we relate to what has happened, how we lead ourselves forward and train our self-leadership - if we want to, we can continue to develop throughout our lives!

Mia is one of Scandinavia's leading inspirers and trainers. She has won speaker of the year awards in Sweden and Norway. She is the author of eleven books on self-leadership and leadership. Mia has an infectious positive energy and is often the crucial starting point when it is time to find new directions and approaches to the challenges of life. Be inspired by Mia's powerful methods and tools. Find the motivation to invest in yourself and your own development. Tickets for the event


Mia Törnblom
Monday April 22 at 18.00

Length 1,45 no break
Organizer: Talking Minds AB
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Staffed cloakroom, swish or card.
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