Business Boost 22/4 at 14

Elaine Eksvärd, Fredrik Skavlan and Mia Törnblom - take your employees on an inspiring afternoon full of new insights and knowledge. The trio offers an intense and energetic afternoon with their unique experiences and wisdom. This is a perfect opportunity to strengthen the team spirit in the workgroup and do something really fun together. Join us for the best inspirational boost of the spring and book your tickets today.

Losing control - Fredrik Skavlan
And become a social genius Why is it so hard to be our best self when we need it most? How can losing control create presence and give us access to our strongest qualities? Precisely by daring to let go of control, Fredrik Skavlan has created unique encounters and conversations with both world stars and ordinary people. The name "Skavlan" was synonymous with the largest talk show in the Nordic region and an unparalleled international guest list. In his entertaining and thought-provoking talk, Fredrik tells us about a breakthrough against many odds and how he turned his weaknesses into strengths from the start. He takes us behind the scenes when Taylor Swift, Bill Gates and other world-class names come to visit, but also shares purely personal experiences on communication, risk-taking and leadership.

Powerful communication - Elaine Eksvärd.
Increase wellbeing and reach out With a unique expertise in human communication, Elaine Eksvärd leads the way. Early on, she reflected on why some people are included while others are left out. She has a presence that combines solid knowledge with personal warmth and leaves no one untouched. When resources in society are challenging and change is constant, it is important to successfully master the power of communication. Today she talks about trends that give and take power, about how both you personally and your company can use the power of communication to effectively and convincingly convey your messages. Elaine Eksvärd is one of Sweden's most trusted rhetoric consultants and lecturers. She has written several best-selling books and is frequently hired as a rhetoric expert by both newspapers and television.

From group to team - Mia Törnblom
About effective teams and making each other better Often an inspiring start is needed when it is time to explore new approaches to life's challenges, and here Mia Törnblom plays a crucial role. Mia talks about what a group needs to know to work with to become an effective, high-performing team, and the importance of self-leadership. If each individual in a group learns to understand and take responsibility for their reactions and actions in their daily work, the group's cooperation and mission will run much more smoothly. With a high tempo and a lot of humor, Mia offers tools and methods for just that. Mia Törnblom is one of Sweden's foremost inspirers whose message motivates, makes us think and creates community. For over 25 years, she has coached employees and groups to development and success. She has won the speaker of the year award and is the author of eleven books.


Business Boost
Fredrik Skavlan, Elaine Eksvärd,
Mia Törnblom
Monday April 22 at 14.00

Tickets for the event
Duration 2 hours no break
Organizer: Talking Minds AB
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Staffed cloakroom, swish or card.
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