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8 February 2024

There is room for hearts!

On Wednesday, February 14, we are going all in on love and food! And I suggest wonderful menus in both Bistro and on the Tavern. A nice Wednesday in dreary February, can it get any better? If you want to do something really special for your sweetheart (like a proposal or something...), email me directly, I'll arrange it. Some tips and ideas follow here: 1) a beautiful diamond ring hidden in a delicious dessert 2) small brass band 3) large brass band 4) delivery of a Birkin (well maybe not) 5) 50 red roses on the dinner table 6) knee pillow in any color 6) any prop for a proposal. As I said, email or call me! This was a big part of December at Rival - doing something for someone else. Sure, we were busy, but what a way to end the work year when all the great prizes were handed out. And the commitment from suppliers and employees was so genuine and warm. Thank you so much again.

And then "Orup Bara" came to Rival! It was an incomparably good opening night and now it's rolling on - like a dream! Do not miss this guy, "one of a kind" and with a song treasure and a stage presence that is fantastic.

There's a lot more to tell you about everything that's happening, I'll get back to you soon!
Greetings from a semi-stressed hotel manager





12 October 2023
Only a few hours left!
At exactly 19.30 tonight, the doors to the theatre will close - it's the premiere of Bo Kaspers in Concert. They have promised large and small during and this is where it happens. The status report from our stage manager Petter Eriksson this afternoon is good. The band is in a premiere mood. Clothes are tried on down to the last detail. Lights, sound, mics and cables are being fine-tuned.

Picture above: BKO rope this afternoon
When the rest of us were sleeping best last night, yes, the loading of BKO's lights into the Rival started...and see above how nice it is! And just before they dove, yesterday's fantastic production "Från Broadway till Duvemåla" had just left Rival after a sold-out and successful performance. the Rival's stage-evening team this premiere day consists of our stage manager Karin Johnson, show hostess Carina H and of course our overall-operative-fastest-Hala Michalak! Stage master Petter has run a morning-lunch pass and can go home and rest as well as Andrea who fixed and controlled the lodges with all the wonderful stuff! 
Sold out tonight of course. But Bo Kaspers plays at Rival all fall, book a ticket here!

See you in the crowd
Ps do not forget to hang your outerwear in our new nice closet downstairs from the parquet. And there is also a brand new restroom! DS




5 October 2023

A short story about "comfort in autumn"!
So much fun there is to do instead of moping over darkness and singing leaves! At Rivalscenen everything from Lill Lindfors, Tommy Körberg, Bo Kaspers Orkester to Edvin Törnblom and so much more! Nice classics at Bistromenyn, Simon's good G&T in Watson's Bar and small luxurious hotel rooms for those who really want to enjoy life away from home!

Chef in Stockholm
Our chef Robin Gesang-Gottow - he knows how to keep "a thousand balls in the air" at the same time! Robin and his team have busy days and evenings now, to say the least. In the Bistro it's time for hanger-braised Swedish entrecote, Skagen on its own in "Rival-köket-baked" caviar (Robin's recipe), raw beef, mushroom soup, red wine braised ox cheek - now I'm getting really hungry just writing this down. Our kitchen up in the Bistro also prepares all staff food for lunch and dinner, all hot breakfast food seven days a week, crew and artist food, Watson's bar food and much more. Our great chefs in the Tavern kitchen take care of the Tavern's diners! 

Welcome to the warmth!


September 22, 2023

Green for free, red for busy!
Then we could finally open up the whole thing last night! A brand new wardrobe. Eight new toilets and 11 newly renovated toilets. A construction that started on June 5 and was completed on Wednesday, September 20. Yesterday a packed theatre and "2:22 A Ghost Story" with a break ... and what a relief (!) with a total of 19 toilets within 15 meters! And the nice cloakroom is manned by our fantastic Rival Ambassador Antoine and his staff.

An extensive new construction and major renovation project.

the Rival's new Restroom, two steps down from the entrance level. Eight newly built toilets and a beautiful commode.

Green for free, red for occupation!

Bo Kaspers Orkester in Concert - they promise wonders big and small. Premiere on October 12. It will be musical. And special. You can book a ticket here! And why not secure a table reservation at the same time!

See you at the nearest commode!

September 14, 2023

...with horror, tonight is the premiere!

Helena Bergström is here. Adam Pålsson is here. Rakel Wärmländer is here. Johannes Kuhnke is here. And Johanna Nordström is here. We also know that Åsa Holmgren and Pernilla Thagaard are here. In short, everyone is here. And tonight at 19.30 it's a full house in the theatre. It is also sold out and full tomorrow, on Saturday and next Friday. Right now only one fprosecution Tickets are available for 21/9, 23/9 and 24/9. I would hurry up and buy a ticket if I were don't want to miss this. Can of course be combined with food and drink in the Bistro, the Tavern and in Watson's Bar ! A good idea is to book board!

Herman the dachshund can't go to the premiere but he likes to hang out at the Tavern and in Watson's Bar . We don't have many hotel rooms available this weekend, but for lovers of life on two legs, you can enjoy designer Carouschka Streijffert's amazing and unique carpets in the hotel a lovely hotel room and get these works of art for free! 

See you at 2:22 greetings

September 13, 2023

Summer memories and beyond!

Hossain, Sang and Amanda - part of the Tavernan summer team. To the right, Klara with tasty dishes. And the summer is far from over, the outdoor terrace is probably at its best right now. We open at 11.30 every day.

Top right: Tobias and Robin have loaded the car full of food for a luxury catering! Bottom left: Henke's birthday barbecue in July! They should be neat even outside the hotel so yesterday I made an effort ...

Top left: Photographer Ulla Montan's latest portrait and of course it is Thomas "Orup" Eriksson is now in pole position. "Orup Bara" is the big entertainment of the spring in the theatre, and tickets are going fast. The annual summer maintenance of the theatre was crowned with some cosmetics in the form of the discrete for information on where each door leads to...Next week I'll tell you about it. BIG BUILDING which we have rolled all summer, on September 19 is the final inspection. "Dogge" in the Tavern shows good food memories from last summer.

Premiere January 18 at Rival: Orup Bara. Not so bare I think! Secure a ticket, think "Christmas gift".
For inspiration and Orupfeeling at Rival, check out this page and the video from the press day in August.

See you in the crowd!


21 June 2023

Summer party with Rivalarna!
What a day! What a party! What a party committee! What a team! The other night we celebrated that summer is here and that we should be super proud of the first five months of the year... As everyone has worked, toiled, fought together, counted, run shows, served, served, mixed drinks, cleaned rooms, made annual accounts, monthly accounts, had an agreement movement, started a construction and at the same time everyone has supported each other. Magical people in a very unusual house! Yes, you know, we call the hotel a "house". The house is full of restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, hotel rooms and people!

Picture top left shows large parts of the Rival gang. Top right our eminent party committee who managed everything from the Music Quiz to the venue and "Best in Test" inspired games - Andrea (Babben), Lill-Christin (David Sundin) and Ludde. Bottom left: the impossible task of making a toilet roll stay in a given place. Try it yourself! Bottom right: just before food and drinks are served. Thanks to all of you!

Midsummer in the city - hang out at Rival. 
Very simple. We have the food, the weather, the drinks and a central location. Both Watson's and the Tavern have open revolving doors from Midsummer's Eve to Sunday evening.
Total absence of mosquitoes, outdoor toilets and traditional nonsense! Immerse yourself in Midsummer at Rival until 01.00 on both Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day.

Thursday, June 29, I want to draw the attention of all neighbors and residents around Rival that it will be a little extra messy outside the hotel entrance. Now we have come to phase number 2 in our construction and that means concrete truck! And concrete should flow! We do not know exactly how long it will take, but it will be exciting and a little messy when the hose will be transported about 50 meters into the house. We recommend the first floor at the Tavern or Watson's outdoor seating facing the park!

The bastardization of everything.

And when the high summer heat finally arrived...well then the awning relays went out! A single awning survived, but most of the awnings could not be removed. It took us a week to get everything in order: find spare parts, get our favorite electricians, manage the job, cheer Arne, cheer Jocke, hold your breath and look happy! Now everything works again and it's great because it will be even warmer in the coming days! Those who lack a balcony at home can advantageously rent a de luxe room with a balcony at Rival. Here are rooms that are higher up than the tree line...Next weekend 30/6-2/7 we have some de luxe rooms with balcony left!

Seven daisies under the pillow salute




25 May 2023

Safety first, mother's day and gage!

Running a hotel is fun, exciting, challenging and engaging. For me and everyone here at Rival, Safety First is the name of the game and that means we are always on our toes and have our feet in a constant "starting block" for any type of event. This week, Safety week at Rival, we have (in addition to the CPR training earlier this week) had individual training in firefighting. We have simulated with VR camera to act correctly. In late summer there will be the annual evacuation exercise ... you will see us on the square in our yellow vests!

Dinner on the Bistro balcony with the best view...and a little help from the infrared heating if the temperature drops. Our outdoor seating this week has been magical and guests never want to go home...we like!

Celebrate your mom on Sunday! Feel free to do it with us at the Tavern, we attract with bubbly, gratinated lobster and hopefully good weather. My mother is staying at home in Dalarna but there will be a conference call on Sunday! 

Gage? Many years ago, our real estate guy Arne coined "today is gage", which of course means that today is payday! I myself will buy even more moving boxes with the four-legged companion Tobbe doesn't really understand what is happening at home. He thinks it's messy, untidy and generally very unpleasant. And way too much talk about "please, move", "no, no, you can't lie here anymore", "yes, I have to pack the chewed up slippers now". Tobbe will soon understand. 

See you soon




22 May 2023

Beautiful May at the Rival! 
And we have a lot more to offer! In a few days, May 25-26, Hansson de Wolfe United. Wednesday May 31 "Mårten Cvetcovic" -a critically acclaimed performance by and with Mårten Andersson. Friday, June 2 "SEMST" with the best guys Jonatan Unge, Ahmed Berhan and Branne Pavlovic.

I and everyone else just want to sit outside, outside and more outside! Now the trees and shrubs have come out on Mariatorget and you can just enjoy it. At Rival we have three outdoor seating areas: Watson's Bar by The Park, the Tavern and Bistrobalkongen. 

And when I am not working, or thinking about pleasure, I am packing moving boxes (yes, soon the load will go to a new home!). There is a lot of planning for the arrival of all the beautiful summer guests, holiday lists, ones and zeros, the outside world is currently completely unpredictable and a bit crazy. It is actually important to stay focused and be happy for the smallest "good thing" that appears in the present here and now. 

Apply sunscreen, eat something healthy, enjoy life - more news in a few weeks!
Greetings Jesper


14 April 2023

Always something going on!

Another eventful week! The outdoor restaurants have opened. Guaranteed sun tomorrow Saturday and on Sundays, all weather forecasts are unanimous and in agreement. the Rival's Bistro has opened after Easter break - the kitchen brigade from left with Christian, Douglas, Samuel and Victoria. The PA system in the theatre has been updated and tuned. The picture at the top right shows the legend Björn Lehnberg and the small legends Filip Boström and Stefan Ljungkvist. This weekend, our PA system is put to the test when PFloyd runs at high volume and for almost sold-out houses both Friday and Saturday at 19.00 and 2.5 hours ahead!

Bar manager Simon Holmqvist tempts with ice-cold Gin & Tonics - best enjoyed in the sun on Watson's outdoor terrace.
See you at Södermalm's Solsida.

5 April 2023

It's spring! We have opened the outdoor seating!

Yes, yes, it may not be the perfect spring weather but it doesn't matter. ATM delivered and exhibited all the furniture. Monty and Tobias ( picture
down to the left) did the finishing touches! And Malin and I took the opportunity to have lunch while some snowflakes formed a curtain!

Style study from the technical area (with stage manager Karin Johnson behind the controls) just before the author evening with Karl Ove Knausgård began. 735 people interested in literature had bought tickets, the atmosphere was high and the evening was extremely popular!

Today's big ticket release - "2:22 A Ghost Story" a horror movie but alive. Creepy good ensemble too! Johanna Nordström, Adam Pålsson, Johannes Kuhnke and Rakel Wärmländer. Director Helena Bergström, translation Calle Norlén. Premiere at Rival on September 14! You are already more here.

Of course we are open often and long throughout the Easter weekend! And don't miss the news that from now on we serve breakfast every Saturday and Sunday until 12.00. And extra bonus that it also applies to Easter Monday, April 10! 



3 April 2023

Nothing can stop us now!

Well, this is several days since it looked like this, last Wednesday, March 29 to be precise. Patrik and I gave up the idea of opening the outdoor restaurants on Saturday, April 1. But today there is a slightly different sound in the weather maps and that means... WEDNESDAY 5 APRIL the Tavern and Watson's Bar open their outdoor seating!

The Tavern's outdoor terrace! And this week we are extending our opening hours. Every day April 3-12 open at 11.30-22.00! Of course, we are open all Easter, generous opening hours throughout Easter week.

The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least for us at Rival. Fully booked hotel, many and wonderful guests in the bars, bistro and the Tavern. Sold-out shows, concerts and performances in the theatre. Tonight, Monday, April 3, we top with a sold-out author evening arranged by Norstedts publishing house.On stage tonight Klas Ove Knausgård in conversation with Aris Fioretos.

Me and Jesper Sandberg (head of "ones and zeros-cash in" at Rival) made a trip to our "head office" the other day and of course both father Watson (left) and son Sickan (right) hoped that we had something edible with us...and maybe we did! 

Hotel breakfast
I'll end with another piece of good news for those who like a nice hotel breakfast. Saturday and Sunday we serve breakfast (buffet and à la carte) until 12.00. Of course, this also applies to all "red days" so already for Good Friday you can come and enjoy a long breakfast until 12:00. It is possible to book a table here!

See you soon!



23 January 2023

New year at last!
Now we have cleaned up the weekends and we know for sure that we are heading for lighter times ( and thus lower electricity!). Now everyday life at the hotel takes over, the amaryllis and poinsettias are thrown away and packed away respectively. Life at Rival is like at any other company or business, everyone gets to help out and special skills and talents are appreciated a little extra, see below...

Like here for example, the Rival's operations manager Hala Michalak, repairs a tear in one of the side curtains hanging in the suites. Hala, of course, blames her father Gabriel, a tailor. But now it turns out that Hala's daughter has also inherited the now rare talent of sewing...!

Image top left: the Rival's Corridor mats are not a commodity. In fact, every square millimetre is unique and covers 6 floors. The designer and interior designer Carouschka Streijffert created these designs in 2002 and then the carpets were woven and put in place just before The Rival opened in September 2003. The theme of each floor is travel, tickets, trains, flights and experience. There are strong colors and exciting shapes...and every coffee stain is removed with gritted teeth and great patience! Image below right: Here is our popular coffee machine with nice beans, it is centrally located on the fourth floor together with Bragokex, ice machine, a large selection of tea and fruit. This is where early morning hotel guests in dressing gowns meet. Image top right: you simply don't touch anything in Arne's workshop. And if you are clumsy, you will be met with a laugh. Images below left: Our long-time colleague and safe point Paula Nilsson, HR manager, sounding board, grandmother, dancing, stable - keeps me in order. Our new addition Malin Schönhoff keeps the money in order, produces perfect analyses, reports and financial statements.

The spring season has already started with sold-out houses for both Messiah Hallberg and Fredrik Lindström. This weekend we welcome the Flashback Forever Show to Rival, there are only spots left on January 26-29. Read more about shows and entertainment in the coming weeks.

You haven't missed The Big Escape i.e. "Working Day at Rival", premiered last Monday. Start your day with the longest breakfast you could ever dream of...and of course you can eat as many Poor Knights and/or pancakes as you like between 6.30-10.30am! Then head down to Watson's Bar , drink lots of coffee, choose lunch from the bar menu and work hard with strong wifi. "Workday at Rival" makes work a little more fun, plain and simple. Easy to book!

See you in the swarm greetings


12 December 2022

We thank you for the past year!

Last Friday we had our traditional Christmas lunch for customers, production companies and regular guests. Three of the day's hosts, from Benny Andersson, Caroline Eriksson and yours truly. It is undoubtedly one of the best days of the year, best lunch and most fun events at Rival. The tradition is long, we had our first customer lunch 19 years ago ie 2003, at that time we did not have so many customers because Rival had opened just three months before Christmas.
But never have we served Christmas dinner at this lunch - no, here it's a sumptuous seafood buffet served up by the Rival's chef Robin Gesang-Gottowt and his team. In good old fashion, lunch turned into afternoon and then into an evening at Watson's Bar for those who could manage it!

Recharging for a customer lunch! Here I am together with three more of the hosts of the customer lunch. From left Jesper Sandberg e-commerce and booking manager, Rickard Engström reception manager and Hala Michalak Operation manager. Jesper, Rickard and Hala some of my closest colleagues who have contributed so strongly to Rival coming out of the 2020 and 2021 pandemic and restrictions in an absolutely fantastic way. Soon we will put 2022 behind us. It was a shaky start to the year with two months of restrictions. These disappeared on March 1 and a general euphoria broke out as "the whole world" went out to party, go to concerts, have conferences, stay in hotels - in short, enjoy life. And we are infinitely grateful that so many of you chose to meet and enjoy life at Rival! What a year we have had together.

And now we have a real party night to look forward to! New Year's Eve with lots of noise, seafood and singing! Make the most of it and book our New Year's package now.

But... before it's New Year's Eve we have many wonderful evenings ahead of us. Now for the weekend of 16-17 December, our house DJs will be in Watson's Bar , Vendela and Daniel. We have open all days and evenings in  Watson´s Bar and that of course includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Forget about Christmas food and Christmas stuff, come "home" to Rival instead! the Rival's Bistro open all Christmas holidays, the Tavern is open before and immediately after Christmas! We promise there is something for everyone.

After the turn of the year, we start with Fredrik Lindström and "Humanity" on January 12 and 15. In between comes Messiah Hallberg "A life's work with a humorous touch" on January 13-14. Buy tickets here!

See you in the swarm and in the snow



26 October 2022

The best time starts now!

Let me introduce you to some of our excellent and talented bartenders in Watson's Bar : Octavio , Clara, Ilona and Isak. They meet our guests, and hopefully also you who are reading this, every day and evening in Watson's Bar . I myself have worked in bar "long time a go", now I feel like you need a bit more meat on your bones to be able to stand in a bar nowadays so you need to have like a chemistry education ....It's fermented, the density of different spirits is a factor, combinations crucial, range knowledge and more endlessly!

How do you learn it?
-You learn by trying, testing and learning from the different trends in the cocktail world and from your peers in the industry. But most of all and that you have a great interest and curiosity! Unanimous response from the bar gang.
( If you should see me behind the bar sometime, I can deliver red/white/bubble/beer/ Fernet only. This gang is awesome and they know this craft so well that I know they can always back it up with really good drinks! )
What are your favorite drinks when ordering a drink or recommending something to our guests?
Ilona: -Then I would have a "Hemingway Daiquiri
"What does it contain?
-Light rum Maraschino liqueur Lime juice Grapefruit juice Sugar layer served in a cocktail glass
- My favorite is, "Last Word " which contains gin, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino liqueur, lime juice and is then served in cocktail glass.
Clara ponders for a while...
-Gin Tonic! We have a lot of different kinds of gin here & different tonics so it's a clear favourite as you can make it in many different ways
Last but not least, which bars inspire you the most in your professional role right now? Here they were given about 10 seconds to say something.. ( so you could say they got a short start J) The answer was: "A bar called Gemma" Stockholm, "Ushuaia Hotel Bar" Ibiza, "Svartengrens Bar" Stockholm.
What do you think should always be available to eat in a bar like Watson's and certainly in all the bars around the world. The answer is unanimous: -A really good hamburger should be there! So of course there is a classic hamburger and veggie burger at Watson's Bar !

Watson's Bar opens at 11 am from Monday 31 October!
In a few days we'll be putting this year's summer season to bed, packing up the outdoor seating and giving the furniture a well-deserved rest and maintenance. And that means we're finally resumes our generous opening hours in Watson's Bar . From Monday 31 October we open at 11.00 every day of the week. Now there will be lunch, lunch meetings, lunch chats, lunch hangs and a "mid-day" place to hang out. Here you can have a lunch , have a meeting or work ( I would "alibi work" if it were me , i.e. drink & eat something good & then it would look like I am working J J) this only applies to me not anyone else J

10 October 2022

A lovely Friday!

Autumn has arrived but also crispy beautiful days and then we took the opportunity to have an Italian Friday at the Rival's the Tavern !
We brought our neighbour Henke Von Zweibjerk and our lovely supplier Stefan Abrahamsson sommelier and head of the wine portfolio at Fontana and we put together a lovely Taverna After work. Lill Christin made sure the planning didn't get out of hand. Henke provided the music mixed with some nice toast with falukorv! ( not so Italian inspired maybe but very fun and tasty ) and Stefan made sure there were lovely goodies things to try! Since we were running Italian style we went "all in" with casual Italian lifestyle in FILA tracktops! I got a lot of requests to buy these so now I have ordered a bunch for those who are interested! More info coming soon!

Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut, when lovely pink colour meets floral aromas and a hint of violet. Flavours of strawberries and cherries. Nino Costa Langhe Nebbiolo Cabora - Ruby red colour with aromas of spices and cherries. Fine fruit tones of ripe cherries, liquorice, herbs. Nino Costa Roero Arneis Sarun - golden yellow colour with aromas of ripe kiwi, citrus, pear and liquorice. Good structure with some oily notes. Bastinanich Vespa Rosso - Hand-harvested, carefully selected grapes aged for 15-18 months in 70% old French oak barrels and 30% new oak barrels, followed by 1 year in fl ash. Light ruby red colour. Aromas of balsamic notes, ripe blackberries and dark cherries. Finally a Bastianich Vespa Bianco on grapes handpicked individually at optimum ripeness. Golden yellow colour with aromas of beeswax, apricots, honey and ripe fruit. Taste of ripe fruit and honey. Fine acidity with good length and complexity thanks to the elegance of chardonnay, the structure of sauvignon blanc and the roundness of picolit.

It was a very fun and crowded Friday with our guests and friends, an after work that continued well into the evening that ended in Watson's bar . In the kitchen Robban, Jamal and Torben delivered a pasta of the evening in addition to all the other food that was prepared. When me, Henke & Stefan started this, you understand that if you know me and these two, it easily becomes both messy & messy, but the gang in the Tavern who steered & set up ran on volley and delivered service and laughter as usual! Many thanks Patric, Lill Christin, Klara, Fillipa, Leonell and Tobias.

At the hotel it's full speed ahead and the shows in our theatre take turns, next up is Olof Wretling "Kaffet" already this weekend. Followed by Hansson de Wolfe United on 19 October. On 20-21 October Stalker with Brynolf and Ljung and the weekend ends with a thundering concert with Sven-Ingvars! Read more and book your ticket here!




After being ice cold with the golf clubs during the summer, I managed to put together a really good round in the company of Stefan and Marcus from Åbro! Will try to do another one before the snow comes...





It's business as usual. June, July and August are a time for putty, and you feel a bit deprived of the confection. Why don't November, December and January go as fast...I'm sure someone has researched it, please get back to me! It's been a busy holiday season here at Rival. Our guests should have a great experience in the middle of summer Stockholm and our job is to roll out the carpet for all those who have chosen to stay a night or two at Rival.

All our hotel beds are made with sheets woven from Egyptian cotton. The sheets are mangled hard, shaken and then aired by Iryna and her colleagues. The sheets are so deliciously crisp when it's time to crawl down. After a night's sleep, it's breakfast time...and thus the Rival's 's cherished scrambled eggs. Above, working Tony with the batter of all the eggs that have been cracked. the Rival's scrambled eggs are as handmade and prepared as it is possible. And we take pride in using real yellow eggs from happy and healthy hens! Check-in and check-out is handled this morning by Maricka and our receptionist Rickard. What a summer service all these have delivered! THANK YOU!

I have also had time to take up my golf, limited success though. A few hardy teammates in the upper left, Jonas, Juhanni and Andreas. Things are going better with the paddle, unclear who won but in the background are fellow players Morgan and Göran and bar manager Marcus. The right picture is of me and Kent when we, together with the Swedish team from our HK, got to attend the fantastic premiere of "Abba the Voyage" in London. What a concert, what light, what sound...five strawberries out of five possible! Go there!

And there has been a lot of food served and many drinks mixed all summer! Say hello to two of our kitchen heroes, the chefs Diego and Carl. In Watson's Bar you will find bartenders Isak and on the Tavern Christin, Patrik and Leonell worked hard! So much fun with all the lovely guests; södermalmsbor, hotel guests, Mariatorgs-neighbours, tourists, Stockholmers from the Malmer and suburbs - a wonderful mix of all ages! Thanks to all the guests, you have made our summer!

Tobbe has had a very long holiday, he has slept most of the time, eaten a little, grunted a bit and then gone back to sleep. Great guy, fun sealskap...! After a much-needed holiday, our stage manager Karin has been preparing the theatre for this autumn's concerts, shows, live podcasts and performances. The mixing table is being polished, all the chairs in the auditorium have been gone through, all the cupboards cleaned, all the cables checked, the dressing rooms tidied up, the backdrops fixed - now we're kicking off the autumn with Sweet but Psycho, Karsten & Co followed by the Stockholm premiere of "Räkhäst" followed by "En man som heter Ove" followed by...check out the entire autumn calendar here!

Finally, thank you to all of you guests who have given us a torrent of lovely reviews all summer! Read more on Trip Advisor, click here and you'll understand why we're a little extra proud and humbly grateful

Time to get back to the daily grind ...not bad for late summer now that I think about it!


End of the season!
20 June 2022

Traditional early summer lunch and a bit of summer holiday feeling - gathering around food, information and a review of the first half of the year. The best day of the year is when all of us Rivalers get to sit down and chat, eat and get together, hand out summer gifts, chat some more - and then it's time to get back to the pots, checking in, cleaning, sales work, bookkeeping and planning! Last week I gathered much of the gang for an afternoon lunch at the Bistro...summer vacation in the offing for some, and for others the start of a busy time. 

Now we are preparing for another wonderful Midsummer weekend. As usual, we are open to all hungry, thirsty, party-hungry, newly in love, old friends, dogs, friends, relatives and hang-arounds! High time to book a table the Bistro for a midsummer dinner. Make an early dinner reservation and you, of all people, might be lucky enough to get an away on the Bistro balcony! Start or end the evening in Watson's Bar inside & out, open from 12 to midnight. Bistro and Watson's Bar open throughout the Midsummer weekend. Of course! See all opening hours here. During the Midsummer holidays we will keep the Tavern closed - the staff needs a well-deserved rest after two months of intensive work. the Tavern will reopen on Monday 27 June and with even longer opening hours, from 11.30-23.00 every day. Rival Bistro closes for the summer 27 June-19 August.

Midsummer feeling at Rival...bistro balcony, Watson's Bar , strawberries and other cosiness.

Alejandra is in charge of the daily cleaning of not only the hotel rooms but also all other areas of our house. And the house is big! And we have cleaning staff on site 24 hours a day, all year round. And it's not just cleaning, but also keeping track of a thousand other things. From washing the duvets to dry-cleaning the curtains and carpets, making sure the water locks in the showers are in the right place to taking care of the turn down service every night. Cleaning the offices, guest toilets, vacuuming after breakfast guests, cleaning and vacuuming when the Tavern is closed, making sure that continuous window cleaning is carried out, changing rooms, cleaning handles and brass, cleaning the theatre with 735 seats - wow! You get it, right? Alejandra and her team do a fantastic job! In the photo, Alejandra is standing on the balcony of room 608, one of the Rival's incredibly popular de luxe room with balcony. High time to book a balcony room this summer!

Tobbe and I are planning for our midsummer and we will of course have a big bouquet of summer flowers ( and some Frolic ) under the pillow! 

We'll be in touch!

















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