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Privacy Policy and Website terms and conditions

Privacy policy

The Rival Hotel takes personal privacy very seriously and is committed to adopting high standards for the protection of the personal data that our guests submit to the hotel or which we receive by other means. This privacy policy applies to all personal data processed by the Rival Hotel.

The Rival Hotel processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

Personal data controller

The controller of personal data is Rival Hotel AB (Corp. Reg. No. 556524-2681), Mariatorget 3, Box 175 25, SE-118 91 Stockholm, Sweden, Tel: +46 (0) 8-545 789 00
Fax: +46 (0) 8-545 789 24, gdpr@rival.se.

If you wish to obtain information about which of your personal data is processed by the Rival Hotel, you can request it by writing to us at the address provided above. You can also contact us at the above address in the event you wish to correct inaccurate or misleading data.

Guests also have the right to file any complaints they may have regarding the Rival Hotel’s processing of personal data with the Data Inspection Board.

Data collection

When a guest orders or uses a service provided by the Rival Hotel, we collect certain personal data about the guest. This information is data that guests submit to us via our website, by telephone or email, or that we receive through automatic transfer to our reservations system via XML links. This information usually includes the guest’s name, address, phone number, email address and other contact information, as well as language preference and nationality.

We may also register other guest preferences details, such as preferred room type or pillow, as well as interests and patterns of service usage – gathered for example through social media – to the extent necessary to offer guests a better experience of the services offered by the Rival Hotel as well as relevant offers, such as food or beverage offerings or a certain type of entertainment.


A guest consents to the Rival Hotels collection and processing of personal information by ticking the intended box provided on or from the Rival Hotel´s property management system or website. As stated in these terms and conditions, the guest also approves our privacy policy and website terms & conditions.

The consent of a parent or guardian is required for the processing of data from persons under 16 years of age. Guest consent thereby provides the basis for the Rival Hotel’s personal data processing activities.

Guests can withdraw their consent at any time, thereby opting out of all future use of their data by the Rival Hotel (not possible retroactively) by contacting us at gdpr@rival.se, whereupon the Rival Hotel will prevent such information from being further processed. Hotel Rival will follow the Data Inspection’s directive of responding within 30 days.

Guests may also withdraw their consent with respect to the use of their personal information for marketing purposes by the hotel. Guests however should be aware that the withdrawal of consent does not affect the handling of data that may be processed without consent (for example, the provision of services ordered by the guest) but can lead to the services not working as intended, or that the Rival Hotel can no longer provide them.

How we store our guests’ personal data

The Rival Hotel stores personal data in accordance with this policy and terms & conditions, and applicable laws.

The Rival Hotel stores personal data in an Oracle Suit8 property management system on a server located at Zedcom Tele & IT and Remote Desktop at Dialect Sverige AB. At Livebookings Holdings Ltd, a booking system for table reservations made in Hotel Rival’s Bistro, personal data is stored. Bluecom collects and transfers guests’ personal data when logging onto our Wifi network.

The Rival Hotel may transfer personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA, if, for example, we use subcontractors in a country outside the EU/EEA. To the extent that this occurs, it is the Rival Hotel’s responsibility to ensure that the relevant agreements on data transfer are established with such subcontractors.

Why we process personal information
The Rival Hotel uses personal information to:

  • administer, provide, develop and maintain the services we offer.
  • process guest reservations and service orders.
  • contact guests, for example via text messaging, other mobile applications or email, to notify them on the status of their reservation or relay other information related to the reservation before, during or after their visit.
  • diagnose errors, optimise the technology and be able to contact guests in the event of a problem with the reservation or the provision of a service that we offer.
  • facilitate future booking of services.
  • analyse and improve the quality of the services we offer and how they are experienced.
  • inform guests about special offers and promotions from the Rival Hotel and our partners.
  • send newsletters.
  • personalise communication with guests regarding our services, for example, by creating profiles for guests and sending offers that suit the users of our services.
  • analyse statistics and user behaviour related to our services.
  • enhance customer value and their experience of the Rival Hotel’s services.

How long does the Rival Hotel save personal data?

We save the personal data of our guests in our customer database. This database is purged regularly from outdated data or data that is no longer needed for us to fulfil our commitments to our guests. In order to offer guests a high level of service, and to communicate with guests about relevant offers and campaigns, we may, however, save personal data for up to two years from the guest’s latest stay with us.

Disclosure of personal information

The Rival Hotel may disclose personal data to third parties, such as the police or other public authorities, in the event of an investigation of a crime or if the Rival Hotel is otherwise required to disclose such information by law or official order.

The Rival Hotel may also disclose personal information to subcontractors retained by the Rival Hotel to provide and promote the hotel’s services. Such subcontractors process personal data on behalf of the Rival Hotel and according to the Rival Hotel’s instructions only. Subcontractors are not entitled to use personal data for any other purposes other than performing functions on behalf of the hotel as contracted.

Current subcontractors who Hotel Rival shares personal data with:

Oaky B.V. www.oakyapp.com helps Hotel Rival with delivering arrival and “thank you for your visit” emails in order to provide guests with a better experience by offering a selection of services and products which we can deliver during a stay at Hotel Rival.

The Rocket Science Group www.mailchimp.com helps Hotel Rival with delivering newsletters and special offers via email to guests.

Facebook Inc www.facebook.com helps Hotel Rival connect with guests by displaying offers in ads on their platforms.


By using our website and not disabling cookies, guests consent to allowing the use of cookies on their device by the Rival Hotel. We use cookies to store information about visitor preferences, to register user-specific information on which pages the user has visited, to adapt website content based on the visitor’s browser or other information that visitors submit via their browser.

Business transfer

In the event that the Rival Hotel is merged with or acquired by another company, the personal data of our guests may be transferred as a part of that transaction.

Links to third party websites

The Rival Hotel’s website may include links to third party applications and/or websites out of our control. The Rival Hotel has no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these websites and the processing of personal information that may be conducted by the owner or operator of the websites accessed through these links.

This privacy policy and website terms & conditions replaces any previously published by the Rival Hotel.

Stockholm, May 2018
Rival Hotel AB

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