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The Rivalen for 30-85 people

The Rivalen – our very own illuminated Japanese Cherry Orchard! The perfect venue for large conferences with a lot of participants, up to 85 people in theatre style seating, 50 people in classroom style seating, or U-style seating for 30. One of the longer walls in The Rivalen has a ten-meter whiteboard that can hidden easily behind billowing silk curtains. The room has a closet for coats, a large buffet table, as well as a large charging station with cables for iPhones, Androids and tablets. 

The Rivalen is easily accessible, with an elevator. The room also has water fountains, notebooks and pens. Our conference personnel are at hand to assist from your arrival to your departure – providing IT support too.

Technology in The Rivalen: projector, electrical screen 16:9, 2 microphone systems, Connections for VGA, HDMI and USB. Conference telephone system, Konftel 55W, up to 60 Mbit WIFI and wired internet, and whiteboards.

Coffee breaks during the conference are served in the adjacent foyer*. Lunch is served in Rival’s Bistro. Keeping people focused at meetings is a challenge, which you can meet by ordering a supply of smoothies, fruit and goodies for the room, beautifully presented on the large buffet board. 
*Exceptions may occur. 

The Maria & Lounge – 22 people

Oh well, what’s a royal ball? What’s a conference at Maria? Let us fill you in:
It’s about sitting in comfy Eames conference chairs. About cable ducts with all the technology needed for your meeting. About soft, comfy carpets and resting your eyes on beautiful curtains. About being inspired in a conference room, where every décor detail is there to make sure that your meeting is “like a royal ball!”

Technology in Maria: Conference telephone system, Konftel 55W, webcam for video conferences, cable ducts and wall panels for HDMI, USB, VGA, wireless charging via tables and bookshelves. 75" Led TV, Mac Mini for Skype or streaming, wireless keyboard and mouse, up to 60Mbit WIFI and Wired internet, as well as a number of sections with whiteboards.

Right outside the Maria is the Lounge, where we serve coffee breaks and refreshments during the conference. Up to 60 Mbit WIFI. Take a break or continue the meeting in the Lounge – but in a more informal context. 

The lounge contains a 65" Led TV with 16 channels, recessed charging stations with USB, up to 60 Mbit WIFI. Relax for a while in Jonas Bohlin’s award-winning Chester armchair or in the Marco Dessi sofa. The lounge also has a closet for coats.

The Creative Room - 8 people

We decided to decorate The Creative Room, which accommodates 8 people, in ‘50 shades of pink.’ The "Happy Swing" armchair offers a good spin! And an illuminated glass wall adds an extra dimension to the room. There are a number of areas with whiteboards, a sideboard with a Nespresso machine, fridge and a selection of teas. 

Up to 60 Mbit Wi-Fi & wired internet

Skype, video- or tele-conference? The technology is included in the room rate.

The technology in The Creative Room includes: Conference telephone system Konftel 55W, webcam for video conferences, connections for VGA, USB, HDMI, 60" Led TV, Mac Mini for Skype and streaming. Wireless charging (Android) on the floor lamp plate, wireless keyboard and mouse, whiteboards.

The Board Room – 8 people

The Board Room accommodates 8 people. This is a more classic meeting room, suitable for many occasions. Eight comfy conference chairs designed by Åke Axelsson, Gärsnäs. The conference table has a long cable duct with outlets and technology. This meeting room also has its own kitchenette.

Kitchenette with goodies. And of course a Nespresso machine, an extensive selection of teas, and a fridge with refreshments. Coffee breaks are served either in The Board Room itself or in an adjacent room. 

Technology in The Board Room includes: Conference telephone system Konftel 55W, webcam for video conferences, cable duct connections for VGA, USB, HDMI, 60" Led TV, Mac Mini for Skype and streaming. Wireless keyboard and mouse, whiteboards. 


The Board Room has a white-pigmented oak floor, without carpeting, and leather chairs. Up to 60 Mbit WIFI and wired internet.

Interiors: Interior decorator Karin Ahlgren SIR/MSA AE/OW, Hans Adolfsson, Adolfsson & Partner. More information on interior details here.

Technical: Christer Ekman, Backspinn