the Rival's Bistro open Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm

the Rival's Bistro open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday - book a table here. Chef Robin Gesang and his team of chefs have developed a Bistromeny offering a range of seasonal dishes. Opening hours. While we love to take things out a bit, we're also convinced that there's a reason why well-loved classics are as popular year after year. That's why it's the backbone of the menu, with recurring items including Toast Skagen, Roast Beef, the Rival's fish stew and entrecote. Bistromeny and wine list.

In addition, a plat du jour that is varied with several in-demand Rival favorites. Fried herring, Wallenbergare, Biff Rydberg, and Kalvlever Anglais are just a few examples of dishes that appear in the autumn. Book a table here.

Book your table here or directly via the head waiter on +46 8 545 789 15. Watson's Bar is always open seven days and evenings a week, all year round – read more here!

Right now at the Rival

Magnus Owl Show Package

Now we have released exclusive show packages with Owl tickets and accommodation in March.

Book hotel rooms – gilt-edged every time!

Golden edge with parking service, food and drink, pillow menu and long breakfast times...

Brunch buffet 22-23 January

We are also serving drop-in places this weekend. Welcome!

Love package for 2!

Love pack with extra everything – from bubbles and strawberries to love and...

Brynolf & Ljung in "Stalker"

Brynolf & Ljung are back 27-29/5 with the live show - "Stalker"  

Breakfast every morning

Delicious breakfast buffet including à la carte menu weekdays until 10.30, weekends until 11.30

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