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About the Rival Hotel

The building and operations of the Rival Hotel are wholly owned by Benny Andersson Production AB


In 1937, the cinema Rival was inaugurated at Maria Square. The building quickly became an establishment for entertainment, housing a cinema, hotel, restaurant, bakery and flats. The theatre has great historical value that is underscored by roomy foyers on three floors and wide staircases with elegant railings.

Reconstruction and extension, 2002-200

A major consideration during the remodeling was to ensure that there was a natural interaction between the various activities of the building as a whole. To be able to move between bars, bistro, foyers and the theatre was of the utmost importance. The attic was rebuilt to house The Rival Hotel's suites. An extension towards the courtyard resulted in 15 new hotel rooms with balconies or French balconies. One of the biggest changes was the addition of glass elevators. From the top 2 floors (of a total of 7), there is a magnificent view of the rooftops and the Church of Mary Magdalene. The reconstruction and refurbishing work during this time was headed up by interior designer Karin Ahlgren and architect Anders Bergkrantz. Logistisc by Adolfsson & Partners.


The Hotel Rival has 99 hotel rooms
(194 beds), a café, cocktail bar, lobby bar, bistro bar, bistro, a theater with 703 seats and 5 conference rooms. The Hotel Rival opened on September 1, 2003, Sweden’s first boutique hotel.

Fact sheets

The Rival is wholly owned by Benny Andersson Production AB

Construction work 2002-2003

The Rival Hotel’s logotype back in 2002, by Maria Dahlgren.