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Starting June 1st 2018 Rival becomes cashless, from then on we only accept credit cards.

Instructions about wifi at the Hotel Rival

As a guest you can enjoy free wifi (4 Mbit/s) throughout the hotel, bistro, bar and café. You will find the current password and username in the top right hand corner of your key packet.

If you need more bandwidth (for faster downloads or to stream HD content), go to http://hotspot.rival.se/ och and follow the instructions.

Rival Wifi Image 1 4Mbit

Rival Wifi Image 2

24 hours

Speed Cost
2 Mbit 0 SEK
5 Mbit 50 SEK
10 Mbit 80 SEK
15 Mbit 100 SEK
20 Mbit 120 SEK

48 hours

Speed Cost
2 Mbit 0 SEK
5 Mbit 88 SEK
10 Mbit 140 SEK
15 Mbit 175 SEK
20 Mbit 210 SEK

72 hours

Speed Cost
2 Mbit 0 SEK
5 Mbit 113 SEK
10 Mbit 180 SEK
15 Mbit 225 SEK
20 Mbit 270 SEK

Please contact the frontdesk if you have any questions.