Theatre producers and concert organizers alike know it - the shape of the stage is a big and important part of the way the audience experiences the performance. An event, a debate or a seminar is also a performance where the setting is all too often forgotten.

The Rival Hotel has made a note of this and is launching eight different scenography packages that customers can rent. The customer makes a choice and adjusts the setting to their own corporate style with the choice of furniture, light and sound. The most advanced scenography solutions have been produced by interior design bureau Inne.



  • In the rate for the lounge a white, dimmable light is always included.
  • The big screen of 4x3 metres is included and can be used for image projection according to suggestions below (for instance, an image of a picture or a symbol).
  • Lighting that colours the stage and beams of light on a backdrop and screen is charged. Fee for a light technician doing the settings is charged for a minimum of three hours. For moving light, a technician is required during the whole event.
  • Light from the theatre into the stage (fixed) is charged per day.
  • Technician may be hired per hour.
  • All rates exclusive VAT, will be added with 25%.




Schyffert & Lindström
Mars-maj, september

Özz Nûjen

Statsminister Özz Nûjen
Mars - april

Bröderna Luuk

”Får man göra slut med sitt syskon?”
Premiär 24 april 2014

Johan Rheborg

”Rheborg – en standupföreställning”

Al Pitcher

”Nääämen it´s Al Pitcher”
21 oktober

Nashville Country Night

Caroline Larsson & Music City Band
29 november

Peter & Matilda

Julen är här
9 december

Event for 200, 480
or 700 people