Good food and refreshing drinks can make an event unforgettable!

The Hotel Rival can serve up to 700 people at the same time, in all the entrance halls, bars and the bistro.

  • Breakfast sideboard
  • Fruit sideboard
  • Baskets with sweets
  • Luncheon sideboard
  • Coffee sideboard with baked patisseries
  • Juice sideboard
  • Dinner sidboard
  • Drinks and snacks sideboard
  • Mingle buffet
  • Rival Buffet
  • Seafood buffet
  • Forest buffet

Several of our sideboards include local completely or partly ecological produce.

Entrance halls, cocktail bar, bistro bar and bistro can serve a mingle lunch for up to
700 people at the same time.

Intensive and good intervals

In every interval at a larger event, our entrance halls and bars are filled with guests. The buzz and the atmosphere combined with the option of stepping out on Maria Square for a bit of fresh air and the sound of twittering birds... it is something hard to come by in the middle of central Stockholm.


Combine the event with an exhibition.

An elegant drink sideboard.


Combine the event with an exhibition.

Flavours for everybody.

Get a great event break!


Things to consider when planning an event

There is a limited option for exhibitions when coffee and lunch sideboards are being served in the entrance halls. For an evening event of 550-700 guests, where sideboards are served, the customer is charged for hiring Rival's Bistro.

You can hire a staffed wardrobe, registration tables, welcome tables and more. We can also book light and sound technicians, decorators and event services.



Schyffert & Lindström
Mars-maj, september

Özz Nûjen

Statsminister Özz Nûjen
Mars - april

Bröderna Luuk

”Får man göra slut med sitt syskon?”
Premiär 24 april 2014

Johan Rheborg

”Rheborg – en standupföreställning”

Al Pitcher

”Nääämen it´s Al Pitcher”
21 oktober

Nashville Country Night

Caroline Larsson & Music City Band
29 november

Peter & Matilda

Julen är här
9 december

Event for 200, 480
or 700 people