The Rival Hotel's theatre, with seating for 700, is a popular concert and show venue. With its fine old traditions, the lounge offers high comfort and a famous closeness between artists and audience. We offer high accessibility for both organizers and the audience. If you add on all opportunities for dining and drinks before and after the show, we can guarantee that you will be making an evening of it! Experience The Rival


"En man som heter Ove"

Spelas januari-maj

Al Pitcher

Nääämen it´s Al Pitcher
11-12 februari

Kalle Moraeus

En dalmas i storstan
9 mars

Kjell Enhager

Skillnaden som gör skillnaden... Är DU!
31 mars & 1 april

"Tusen bitar"

En konsert med Björn Afzelius musik
8 & 9 April

Al Murray

13 april

Daniel Norgren

26 & 27 april

Jesper Rönndahl

Jesper Rönndahls Bildbevis
29 maj

Måns Möller & Özz Nujen

”Sveriges Historia”

Bar & Bistro

7 days a week